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The Dream Team

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GVSU Clock Tower– The clock tower is one of my favorite statues because anyone that knows anything about GV has probably seen the clock tower it is also very pleasing to look at. It is located right in the middle of campus.



GVSU Fountain– The fountain is located right by the Student Service building. The fountain is running when the weather is warm and the reason I like it is because I enjoy the sounds fountains make along with it being peaceful to look at.



The William Seidman Statue– This statue is important to Grand Valley’s campus because Mr. Seidman is the founder of GVSU and without him we wouldn’t be here! This statue is located by the MIP Library.



Bronze Arch VII: Valley– For whatever reason I really enjoy this statue. It is made out of bronze and located by the back of Padnos Hall. The artist is Susanna Limburg. It is calming to look at.


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Jordan, Mason and I at the 20/20 info desk in the Kirkof Center. #cap105FINAL


Hadouken Meme 



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GVSU Wrecking Ball Challenge– Even though were not supposed too, I feel as if every GVSU students needs to take a picture on “The Wrecking Ball” at some point in their 4 years. Honestly, I just really wanted to ride it so that is why it is my favorite outdoor sculpture on GVSU’s campus.


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This infographic screen shot was found on the GVSU website under the GVSU Foundation 2015 Annual Report. What the infographic says is that there has been a 16% increase over the past year of alumni donors for students to get scholarships to attend GVSU. I enjoy this because I feel as if every hardworking student should get the opportunity to attend college.


spongegar meme

Recently the internet has been going crazy over the “Spongegar memes” AKA caveman Spongebob. I enjoy these memes because I love Spongebob and I also find them very funny. Spongegar is confused/scared/alert in this and often times the meme has this image of Spongegar and the captions reads a hypothetical scenario that is usually not good. Memes like these are also funny because some of them are very relatable. This has been my favorite meme craze of the past couple years. Meme Source