Social Media After Piece


The use of social media is very significant in today’s day and age. As we learned in class, on average, about 2/3 of all people use some form of social media. The people who aren’t on social media are the ones who are going to fall behind. Social media is the database of the world and if you’re not on the train now, you should be.

I am convinced that I will be using social media for the rest of my life. For business and personal use. After taking CAP 105 it has made me realize that I will be using social media for work related things throughout my entire career. I feel as if it is one of the most convenient and effective ways to communicate with people in 2016.

This class has also helped me give thought into what I might want to do with my life after college. I am interested in something that has to do with online and social media management. I have been thinking that I might want to be a blogger for a business, preferably a music business. I love music its one of my favorite things and that kind of job sounds like less of a job and more of a hobby. And hey that’s what I was always told to do. “Find a job so everyday when you go to work you feel like it’s a hobby.”

I feel in order to be successful in the social media business game you have to have some sort of qualifications that make you fit for the job. I think you have to be good with communicating with people, which is why I’m in the Ad and PR program. You have to be able to interact well on the Internet with others. There are some people that I know that are very easy to talk to in person; however over the computer they just cannot get it together. And you have to act professional, don’t keep that Instagram going from high school with a bunch of party pictures if you expect to find a job in the social media game.

This is my first CAP class that I have taken at Grand Valley and I came into it not knowing what to expect. A good taste was put into my mouth about what to expect from Advertising and Public Relations classes in the future. The thing I took away from it is that I can now ensure that Ad and PR is the field I want to be in and there is a job in this field that I can see myself doing for the next 45-50 years of my life.

Social media has a much bigger influence on both big and small business than I would have ever guessed. It is used for almost everything today and the companies that aren’t hopping on board are going to most likely suffer. Most successful businesses today will have a positive brand on the Internet and know how to sell their product over the Internet. The skills I have learned this summer will play a role in this industry some day.


Collaboration After College

Being able to collaborate with others is a group is a skill that is useful in both college and after. Many jobs after college rely on you to be able to work in a group. What’s great about being able to work together is that the more minds that think about something, the more ideas will be created. However, the downfall for working in groups is that it could cause some problems. Not everyone is always going to agree with your thoughts and being able to communicate well. Being able to compromise is a skill that is key in the real world. After college we will be introduced into what some people call it “the real world.” The real world is the place where you have to act as an adult even more than we do already. Your responsibilities gain in the real world along with expectations.

The whole college thing is meant to prepare us for the real world after college especially classes that are towards our major. College courses will require you to work in groups with people you most likely have never met before. In the real world, especially with a major in Advertising and Public relations, we will be required to work with others in a group. Some people enjoy working in groups and others do not. In order for a group to function well everyone who is part of the group has to pull their weight evenly. Many groups wont work well because some people wont do anything while others will be pulling most of the weight. This is a big reason why people don’t like working in groups. I feel that if everyone in a group pulls even weight, it is a great way to get things done. I believe this will happen more often in the real world opposed to college. In college there are going to be people who are just there to get a degree that their parents probably didn’t send them there to get and really just don’t care a whole lot. However, in the real world I am hoping that this will be different. My feeling is that people in the real world trying to make money to pay wills will be more apt to work harder and do what they are supposed to do. Everyone in a group has a different set of skills, which allows many ideas to be brainstormed.

When placed in a group there are many things that you have to remember. Personally I love working in groups. I think that it allows people to express their ideas and also creates more ideas. If you don’t like working in groups try thinking of it different. Groups will help you in the future and the people who are good at working in groups and strive in group work have a great characteristic that will hopefully be significant to their lives in “the real world.”


Brand Yourself

Your online reputation can be very important in today’s age. Ever think about what kind of things an employer is looking for on the Internet before hiring you? My question to you is will it be good things or bad things? Personal branding is the way that one markets themselves on the internet. Basically, when a place of employment looks you up on Google, the things that pop up about you is your brand. Will good things pop up? Will they be not so good? Even if its not good things, there are ways to make it better.

So you look your name up on Google and you find pictures of yourself doing things that you would never want an employer to see. First start off by deleting the picture. Once you put something on the Internet it never goes away, but hey deleting the post couldn’t hurt!

Next, if you have accounts on the internet that are just so bad that you don’t know what to do with them, just delete the account and make a new one. So your older now and the pictures from Senior year of high school along with your poor childish decisions might be all over Facebook. Make a new account! Granted that what’s on you Facebook is most likely not that bad, there’s still some things you wouldn’t want your employers too see.

The last tip of advice I have for you fellow Internet users is to do a Google search on how to delete things online easily. There is actually this site we used in class called that allows you to search through all of your accounts and delete the things that might not want an employer seeing. Along with that it searches your name on the Internet to see if anything pops up and allows you to claim if an Internet identity is or is not you.

If you have a bad personal brand online, you are going to be less likely to get the job than the person next to you. It is very important to have a good personal brand. The Internet takes away a great amount of the privacy people once had. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. it’s very hard to hide things because everyone you follow knows what you’re doing, to a certain extent. Now employers aren’t going to know what you ate for breakfast this morning or what you did last night, unless you post it on the Internet. So refrain from posting things that may hurt your chances of getting a job.

So you want to get a job working with the Detroit Tigers for instance but four hundred people submitted an application. You know you will get the job if they take your résumé out of the stack and call you for the interview because you’d be able to sell yourself at the interview. But how are you going to get the employers to pull your résumé out of the stack? Try things like posting a lot of pictures about Detroit and the Tigers organization. Use their hash tags on your posts. Make it seem like you are dedicated to the job that you are applying for. So when they look you up on the Internet they go “oh wow this guy/girl is a mega fan and shows a lot of interest in this job field.”

My personal brand I believe would be that I am a college student at GVSU studying Advertising and PR. I also am very big into music. I use social media to find music and keep myself updated on sports and things of that nature. However, some will use Twitter as a personal diary! Do not do this. First off, people don’t really care and second you are only hurting yourself. I believe that to keep a good personal brand you have to stay low-key on the Internet unless you are using it for professional use.

Personal branding has become much more important in the last ten to twenty years with the huge developments of the Internet. It is very important to make sure you have a good personal brand so you can land the job that you want now or in the future. So go on and clean that Facebook page up and delete those Instagram posts because your future employers are watching!

Social Media Opinion Paper


Social media has changed our world and the way we connect more than most people realize. From communicating with others and keeping others updated on what is happening in our lives to spreading information on current events, social media is now taking over our everyday lives. There are many advantages to social media, but at the same time there are many drawbacks. The main reasons why I use social media are for music, sports, and other news. It is the best way to stay updated on new releases of songs or upcoming events, updates of any game you want to know about, and pretty much everyone’s opinion on any current affairs. This; however, is an example of when social media can be detrimental. When major events happen, the story can spread like wild fire. The story can then get altered and no one may know what really happened, yet many people feel the need to post their personal and what could be uneducated opinions. This can cause a lot of controversy, so that, that specific social media isn’t necessarily doing any good for society.

I see other people using social media mostly to communicate. I do realize that many people use social media for good; however there are many people that use it to bring others down. For some reason it’s much easier to say things over a computer or your cell phone than it is to say in person. A big problem especially in grade schools nowadays seems to be bullying over the Internet. Social Media can cause many problems such as cyber bulling and other kinds of arguments, however it is more good than bad.

Many people will use social media for things that are business related. As I previously mentioned I used social media mostly for music. Twitter and Soundcloud allow me discover new artists and tunes daily and keep me up to date on the latest trending music. Social Media has become a platform for people to communicate from across the world without even having to communicate verbally.

There is another rather major downfall of social media. Many will use it religiously taking away from real world interactions. In our generation people will use social media instead of making a phone call or going out to lunch. This isn’t great for our society because it will hurt our verbal communication skills, making it more difficult for people to interact with one another in person. Personally I feel as if this problem has declined in the past couple years. Professionals should be able to communicate well online as well as being able to communicate efficiently in person.

What’s nice about the Internet is that it is easy to navigate and almost anyone can use it. The older generation that uses Facebook makes it very clear that it is easy to use. People that are over the age of 65 aren’t very familiar with technology for the most part and making social media user friendly is one of the best things the developers could do to increase their monthly users.

Social Media is becoming the new way for businesses to market themselves. One day I hope to pursue a career that requires me to use social media just about every day. I feel as if it is still up and coming and will be a great outlet for businesses to improve. It seems as if almost everyone has it now a days and learning about it now will help me greatly in the future.

Social Media has definitely changed since it has first started. The main change that I have noticed since I started using it is that it’s grown so much. When I first discovered what twitter was seven years ago there was hardly anyone using it besides a few celebrities. However, as time went on social media has grown and now it seems as if everyone is using it. Social Media has had a huge impact on our lives so far and we haven’t even realized it. I am convinced I will be using social media for the rest of my life not only for fun, but also for my career that I will be pursing after college.



I created this info graph using and collected my data from the NBA website. ( The content in the piktochart is statistics from the NBA player, Andre Drummond who happens to play for the Detroit Pistons. Andre is one of my favorite basketball players so that is why I chose to create my info graph based on him. This info graph could be directed towards anybody who wants to learn a little bit more about NBA players. A place you might find this info graph with other ones like it would be at where the Pistons play, The Palace of Auburn Hills, or at a basketball summer camp for kids wanting to learn more about players.

Technology in Careers

Event Advertising / Marketing Associates – Entry Level

Event Advertising – Woodbridge, VA

Outstanding communication skills, Able to work in a team environment, detail-oriented, able to follow up on tasks, capable of multi tasking.

This is an entry-level job. The only place I fall short of being able to achieve this job is having a 4 year degree.


Marketing Coordinator

Ritzman Pharmacy

Strong communication skills, courageous attititude, knowledge of computers.

This would be an entry-level job to gain experience to work for something bigger and better in the future. The only place id see myself lacking requirements for this job would be maybe a little bit of computer knowledge.


Marketing Communications Specialist

Marketing Department, Fort Morgan, CO, US

Bachelors Degree in Communications, proficiency with Microsoft Office, Excellent communication skills, demonstration of accuracy and high attention to detail, 2+ years of copy writing, technical writing and/or marketing communications experience.

I need to get my degree in order to achieve this job. I also would have to have 2 years work experience before I am able to achieve this position.


Inside Sales Representative/ B2B Sports Marketing

Bench Craft Company

Phone sales experience, and a college degree

Where I fall short of achieving this job would be having phone sales experience. Along with that I don’t have my degree yet, but I am on path to receive one in a couple of years.


Marketing Communications Associate

Capital One

Translate complicated issues into a clear, concise, simple copy,build and manage relationships with cross-functional leaders and stakeholders across a range of levels, develop and execture key internal marketing communications.

I don’t have a degree yet so I can’t get this job for a couple more years. Also I don’t have 3+ years experience in direct marketing or advertising.


Advertising Sales Representative – Entry-level


1 year sales experience, willingness to learn our proven sales methods, ability to stay positive, drivers license, car

I almost qualify for this position. The only thing I lack is 1-year sales experience. This would be a job so I could gain more experience in hope to find a better one in the future.


Media Buyer / Planner

Safe Auto

Familiarity with ad serving and tracking technologies, strong quantitative skills and a comfort with numbers, Proficient working with all Microsoft Office applications.

Where I fall short for this job is having a BA/BS degree. Along with that I don’t have 1-2 years of digital media planner experience.


Sales & Marketing Assistant

Quontic Bank

Knowledge of all Microsoft Office, Basic Adobe products and general computer skills.

I qualify for this job. I should probably get a little bit better at using the more advanced Microsoft programs however. This would be a job that I would take to gain work experience for more jobs in the future


Freelance News Writer

Complex Magazine

Crafting tweets, photo cultivation and online reporting for breaking news stories.

This is the type of job I would like to get out of college. I qualify for this job, I would just need more work experience to be serious about it.


Public Relations Account Executive

Frank Groff Inc.–Hinman/jobs/Public-Relation-Account-Executive-4e2b359328470fe9?sjdu=QwrRXKrqZ3CNX5W-O9jEvQOURiBK2fpQ4vUAeoCKDMVBIt53kMdWr7wcjKGNJMRWBjszi9003Eicpx0zMM6JC4GZD3t06YfbQd4KalEpzBY

Computer skills, social media and internet savvy, phone skills, PR experience

I have a lot of the computer skills that I would need for the job. I just need to achieve my degree in order to be serious about considering.

Technology in Advertising and Public Relations

Many wont even realize the effect that technology has in modern day advertising and public relations. This is my first Ad and PR course that I am taking at Grand Valley. Personally, I believe that technology and the Internet is the most effective way to advertise and communicate in the modern day. My reasoning for this is because that is how I get all the information that I need now a days. I rarely watch television and rarely listen to the radio. The Internet is my main source of information.

With modern day social media you can find out almost anything online. Either through social media or a quick Google search, mostly anything can be found. Many people in our generation use social media religiously. It’s the fastest and easiest way for people to communicate, almost instantly.

I want to major in Advertising and Public Relations because I feel as if I am good at communicating with others online. Now I might not be the best writer to come through Grand Valley State University, I feel as if modern day technology based Advertising is where I would strive. The older generations of people above 30 years old don’t use social media to the extent that people under 30 do. However, when all us current college students will be right around the age of 30 in 10 years from now. Which will mean the kids who are 10 years old now, will probably be using social media in 10 years from now. Which is why I believe Advertising and Public Relations with technology is such a profitable industry.

Many famous people also use social media. I follow many famous athletes and music producers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. This is a good way to find out what types of online media are trending. The 4 I just named are the biggest four social media sites that people use today. Everywhere from sports to music entertainment, America is engaging in social media use.

The NBA finals just ended and it was broadcasted on live television, mostly ABC. I am a big basketball fan and I enjoy playing the sport recreationally and watching it often. When I watch a game I sit through it till the end, enjoying each game more as the season goes on. After every game in the NBA finals I would go on twitter and learn all this new information that had been recorded during the game. For example, when a player or team broke records, twitter would be the place that I would find that out. The National Basketball Association has been using an app called periscope to broadcast post-game interviews online, kind of like a live stream. This is great because everyone is on twitter during and after the games expressing their opinions and learning new information. It makes people feel like they are actually involved in the game through technology based public relations and this is great for the NBA.

I feel as if a company wants to strive in the advertising and public relations business now a days they have to use technology and social media to do so. It’s the modern day, constantly changing newspaper and people love it. In the next 30+ years social I believe that social media will remain the most efficient way of communication.