Future Goals

As a Senior in college, it is important for me to have a plan for after I graduate. After three and a half years at Grand Valley State University I have learned many skills to use in the future and what it takes to be a professional in the industry. After college I hope to secure a job in Grand Rapids at a public relations firm. This will help me understand the industry and what it takes to be a successful PR practitioner. After working in Grand Rapids for a few years, my plan is to move to a city bigger than Grand Rapids. Some places I am particularly interested in are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Detroit. In these cities my goal is to secure a job in the sports or entertainment industry working in a PR department or as an agent or manager for entrepreneurs. As an agent or manager, I hope to negotiate contracts, set up events and represent my clients. It is important for me to go to a big city which could have a significant impact on my future. As of now, I will continue to network, and look for internships that could help me achieve my future goals.


News Release Critique

The article I decided to look at was one related to the current natural disaster. The article titled “Red Cross Responds to Devastating Effects of Hurricane Irma,” was the news release that I found outline that caught my attention. It was on the front page of the PR News Wire website. An aspect that makes this article newsworthy is that is it had an impact on tons of people worldwide. Information that has an impact on a large amount of people is almost always newsworthy.

At the time of the event, this article brought viewers new information that they may have not seen before. PR Newswire was one of the first outlets to talk about the Red Cross’ donations to hurricane relief. The newness of this topic at the time made this article newsworthy. Not only would this article be a current event, there is conflict involved in the event. Millions of people suffered from this tragedy and the conflict is that they have little left of what they once called home.

This article is hard news. They bring the cold hard facts about this devastating event. They give statistics on the hurricane and where the affected areas are. This article is an informative piece written to give knowledge to the reader on this current event. Comparing the Red Cross article to the PR Newswire article, the Red Cross one is more a page for donations opposed to the news wire article is more information and facts about the hurricanes destruction and what the Red Cross is doing to help.

The article goes on to talk about how the American Red Cross has made efforts to help the victims of the hurricane. Even though the intention of the Red Cross was to help those in need, the article can also be advertising of the Red Cross. This article makes the Red Cross look good because they are helping the cause and many who have been affected by the natural disaster.






GVSU Football players react to NFL protests


It is a landmark year for the NFL. Many players have decided to kneel during the National Anthem before games. Kneeling during the Anthem is a way players have chosen to protest against racial oppression in the United States.

Colin Kaepernick, second-string quarterback for the San Francisco 49er’s, was the one to start the trend. Many are angry and say it’s disrespectful to sit out during a time we spend showing respect for the people who represent our country. Others stand with Kaepernick and feel that it is a good way to protest racial oppression.

Many people question if Kaepernick is protesting for media coverage because he wasn’t the starting quarterback last season. With other players following his footsteps, there are reasons to believe that it’s not just for attention.

At Grand Valley State University, the football team has chosen not to take part in the protest. Through recent interviews, their reasons for disengagement were explored.

Daniel Madden, punter, thinks that kneeling during the national anthem is “ridiculous.” Madden explained, “People risk their lives every day to protect this country and in return pro athletes kneel during the National Anthem? Disrespectful to everyone who wears and anyone who has worn a military uniform.” He also added that athlete’s should consider protesting in a different way.

Madden’s teammate, Jay Fleming, long snapper, had similar thoughts. “I do not agree with people kneeling during the National Anthem. I respect the constitutional right of people to protest and the cause behind the protest but I believe there are better ways to go about making the statement,” Fleming said. Both players agreed that the protest would be more appropriate off the field.

Players are getting paid to play football. NFL players are living the lives that many Americans can only dream of.

Spencer Hurst, Kicker, recognizes this luxury “but at the same time they [the players] have the ability to make something heard.” With many NFL players being in the spotlight and getting paid the big bucks, they have a larger voice than someone who isn’t famous.

Despite that players on the Grand Valley State University roster have decided not to protest, there was one player that considered. “One of my teammates tweeted that he would kneel during the national anthem if he was out on the field (he is on the scout team,)” according to Madden.

Hurst also added that he has not seen anyone protest on the field on any team they have played. At recent Grand Valley State football games, all players stood during the Anthem.

As protests continue, many will continue to express their opinions. Although kneeling protests seem to be less common at a college level, players still have opinions about the matter.

Going forward it will be interesting to see if college players will decide to join in on the protest.



Social Media After Piece


The use of social media is very significant in today’s day and age. As we learned in class, on average, about 2/3 of all people use some form of social media. The people who aren’t on social media are the ones who are going to fall behind. Social media is the database of the world and if you’re not on the train now, you should be.

I am convinced that I will be using social media for the rest of my life. For business and personal use. After taking CAP 105 it has made me realize that I will be using social media for work related things throughout my entire career. I feel as if it is one of the most convenient and effective ways to communicate with people in 2016.

This class has also helped me give thought into what I might want to do with my life after college. I am interested in something that has to do with online and social media management. I have been thinking that I might want to be a blogger for a business, preferably a music business. I love music its one of my favorite things and that kind of job sounds like less of a job and more of a hobby. And hey that’s what I was always told to do. “Find a job so everyday when you go to work you feel like it’s a hobby.”

I feel in order to be successful in the social media business game you have to have some sort of qualifications that make you fit for the job. I think you have to be good with communicating with people, which is why I’m in the Ad and PR program. You have to be able to interact well on the Internet with others. There are some people that I know that are very easy to talk to in person; however over the computer they just cannot get it together. And you have to act professional, don’t keep that Instagram going from high school with a bunch of party pictures if you expect to find a job in the social media game.

This is my first CAP class that I have taken at Grand Valley and I came into it not knowing what to expect. A good taste was put into my mouth about what to expect from Advertising and Public Relations classes in the future. The thing I took away from it is that I can now ensure that Ad and PR is the field I want to be in and there is a job in this field that I can see myself doing for the next 45-50 years of my life.

Social media has a much bigger influence on both big and small business than I would have ever guessed. It is used for almost everything today and the companies that aren’t hopping on board are going to most likely suffer. Most successful businesses today will have a positive brand on the Internet and know how to sell their product over the Internet. The skills I have learned this summer will play a role in this industry some day.

Collaboration After College

Being able to collaborate with others is a group is a skill that is useful in both college and after. Many jobs after college rely on you to be able to work in a group. What’s great about being able to work together is that the more minds that think about something, the more ideas will be created. However, the downfall for working in groups is that it could cause some problems. Not everyone is always going to agree with your thoughts and being able to communicate well. Being able to compromise is a skill that is key in the real world. After college we will be introduced into what some people call it “the real world.” The real world is the place where you have to act as an adult even more than we do already. Your responsibilities gain in the real world along with expectations.

The whole college thing is meant to prepare us for the real world after college especially classes that are towards our major. College courses will require you to work in groups with people you most likely have never met before. In the real world, especially with a major in Advertising and Public relations, we will be required to work with others in a group. Some people enjoy working in groups and others do not. In order for a group to function well everyone who is part of the group has to pull their weight evenly. Many groups wont work well because some people wont do anything while others will be pulling most of the weight. This is a big reason why people don’t like working in groups. I feel that if everyone in a group pulls even weight, it is a great way to get things done. I believe this will happen more often in the real world opposed to college. In college there are going to be people who are just there to get a degree that their parents probably didn’t send them there to get and really just don’t care a whole lot. However, in the real world I am hoping that this will be different. My feeling is that people in the real world trying to make money to pay wills will be more apt to work harder and do what they are supposed to do. Everyone in a group has a different set of skills, which allows many ideas to be brainstormed.

When placed in a group there are many things that you have to remember. Personally I love working in groups. I think that it allows people to express their ideas and also creates more ideas. If you don’t like working in groups try thinking of it different. Groups will help you in the future and the people who are good at working in groups and strive in group work have a great characteristic that will hopefully be significant to their lives in “the real world.”