Social Media After Piece


The use of social media is very significant in today’s day and age. As we learned in class, on average, about 2/3 of all people use some form of social media. The people who aren’t on social media are the ones who are going to fall behind. Social media is the database of the world and if you’re not on the train now, you should be.

I am convinced that I will be using social media for the rest of my life. For business and personal use. After taking CAP 105 it has made me realize that I will be using social media for work related things throughout my entire career. I feel as if it is one of the most convenient and effective ways to communicate with people in 2016.

This class has also helped me give thought into what I might want to do with my life after college. I am interested in something that has to do with online and social media management. I have been thinking that I might want to be a blogger for a business, preferably a music business. I love music its one of my favorite things and that kind of job sounds like less of a job and more of a hobby. And hey that’s what I was always told to do. “Find a job so everyday when you go to work you feel like it’s a hobby.”

I feel in order to be successful in the social media business game you have to have some sort of qualifications that make you fit for the job. I think you have to be good with communicating with people, which is why I’m in the Ad and PR program. You have to be able to interact well on the Internet with others. There are some people that I know that are very easy to talk to in person; however over the computer they just cannot get it together. And you have to act professional, don’t keep that Instagram going from high school with a bunch of party pictures if you expect to find a job in the social media game.

This is my first CAP class that I have taken at Grand Valley and I came into it not knowing what to expect. A good taste was put into my mouth about what to expect from Advertising and Public Relations classes in the future. The thing I took away from it is that I can now ensure that Ad and PR is the field I want to be in and there is a job in this field that I can see myself doing for the next 45-50 years of my life.

Social media has a much bigger influence on both big and small business than I would have ever guessed. It is used for almost everything today and the companies that aren’t hopping on board are going to most likely suffer. Most successful businesses today will have a positive brand on the Internet and know how to sell their product over the Internet. The skills I have learned this summer will play a role in this industry some day.


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