Collaboration After College

Being able to collaborate with others is a group is a skill that is useful in both college and after. Many jobs after college rely on you to be able to work in a group. What’s great about being able to work together is that the more minds that think about something, the more ideas will be created. However, the downfall for working in groups is that it could cause some problems. Not everyone is always going to agree with your thoughts and being able to communicate well. Being able to compromise is a skill that is key in the real world. After college we will be introduced into what some people call it “the real world.” The real world is the place where you have to act as an adult even more than we do already. Your responsibilities gain in the real world along with expectations.

The whole college thing is meant to prepare us for the real world after college especially classes that are towards our major. College courses will require you to work in groups with people you most likely have never met before. In the real world, especially with a major in Advertising and Public relations, we will be required to work with others in a group. Some people enjoy working in groups and others do not. In order for a group to function well everyone who is part of the group has to pull their weight evenly. Many groups wont work well because some people wont do anything while others will be pulling most of the weight. This is a big reason why people don’t like working in groups. I feel that if everyone in a group pulls even weight, it is a great way to get things done. I believe this will happen more often in the real world opposed to college. In college there are going to be people who are just there to get a degree that their parents probably didn’t send them there to get and really just don’t care a whole lot. However, in the real world I am hoping that this will be different. My feeling is that people in the real world trying to make money to pay wills will be more apt to work harder and do what they are supposed to do. Everyone in a group has a different set of skills, which allows many ideas to be brainstormed.

When placed in a group there are many things that you have to remember. Personally I love working in groups. I think that it allows people to express their ideas and also creates more ideas. If you don’t like working in groups try thinking of it different. Groups will help you in the future and the people who are good at working in groups and strive in group work have a great characteristic that will hopefully be significant to their lives in “the real world.”



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