Brand Yourself

Your online reputation can be very important in today’s age. Ever think about what kind of things an employer is looking for on the Internet before hiring you? My question to you is will it be good things or bad things? Personal branding is the way that one markets themselves on the internet. Basically, when a place of employment looks you up on Google, the things that pop up about you is your brand. Will good things pop up? Will they be not so good? Even if its not good things, there are ways to make it better.

So you look your name up on Google and you find pictures of yourself doing things that you would never want an employer to see. First start off by deleting the picture. Once you put something on the Internet it never goes away, but hey deleting the post couldn’t hurt!

Next, if you have accounts on the internet that are just so bad that you don’t know what to do with them, just delete the account and make a new one. So your older now and the pictures from Senior year of high school along with your poor childish decisions might be all over Facebook. Make a new account! Granted that what’s on you Facebook is most likely not that bad, there’s still some things you wouldn’t want your employers too see.

The last tip of advice I have for you fellow Internet users is to do a Google search on how to delete things online easily. There is actually this site we used in class called that allows you to search through all of your accounts and delete the things that might not want an employer seeing. Along with that it searches your name on the Internet to see if anything pops up and allows you to claim if an Internet identity is or is not you.

If you have a bad personal brand online, you are going to be less likely to get the job than the person next to you. It is very important to have a good personal brand. The Internet takes away a great amount of the privacy people once had. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. it’s very hard to hide things because everyone you follow knows what you’re doing, to a certain extent. Now employers aren’t going to know what you ate for breakfast this morning or what you did last night, unless you post it on the Internet. So refrain from posting things that may hurt your chances of getting a job.

So you want to get a job working with the Detroit Tigers for instance but four hundred people submitted an application. You know you will get the job if they take your résumé out of the stack and call you for the interview because you’d be able to sell yourself at the interview. But how are you going to get the employers to pull your résumé out of the stack? Try things like posting a lot of pictures about Detroit and the Tigers organization. Use their hash tags on your posts. Make it seem like you are dedicated to the job that you are applying for. So when they look you up on the Internet they go “oh wow this guy/girl is a mega fan and shows a lot of interest in this job field.”

My personal brand I believe would be that I am a college student at GVSU studying Advertising and PR. I also am very big into music. I use social media to find music and keep myself updated on sports and things of that nature. However, some will use Twitter as a personal diary! Do not do this. First off, people don’t really care and second you are only hurting yourself. I believe that to keep a good personal brand you have to stay low-key on the Internet unless you are using it for professional use.

Personal branding has become much more important in the last ten to twenty years with the huge developments of the Internet. It is very important to make sure you have a good personal brand so you can land the job that you want now or in the future. So go on and clean that Facebook page up and delete those Instagram posts because your future employers are watching!


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