Social Media Opinion Paper


Social media has changed our world and the way we connect more than most people realize. From communicating with others and keeping others updated on what is happening in our lives to spreading information on current events, social media is now taking over our everyday lives. There are many advantages to social media, but at the same time there are many drawbacks. The main reasons why I use social media are for music, sports, and other news. It is the best way to stay updated on new releases of songs or upcoming events, updates of any game you want to know about, and pretty much everyone’s opinion on any current affairs. This; however, is an example of when social media can be detrimental. When major events happen, the story can spread like wild fire. The story can then get altered and no one may know what really happened, yet many people feel the need to post their personal and what could be uneducated opinions. This can cause a lot of controversy, so that, that specific social media isn’t necessarily doing any good for society.

I see other people using social media mostly to communicate. I do realize that many people use social media for good; however there are many people that use it to bring others down. For some reason it’s much easier to say things over a computer or your cell phone than it is to say in person. A big problem especially in grade schools nowadays seems to be bullying over the Internet. Social Media can cause many problems such as cyber bulling and other kinds of arguments, however it is more good than bad.

Many people will use social media for things that are business related. As I previously mentioned I used social media mostly for music. Twitter and Soundcloud allow me discover new artists and tunes daily and keep me up to date on the latest trending music. Social Media has become a platform for people to communicate from across the world without even having to communicate verbally.

There is another rather major downfall of social media. Many will use it religiously taking away from real world interactions. In our generation people will use social media instead of making a phone call or going out to lunch. This isn’t great for our society because it will hurt our verbal communication skills, making it more difficult for people to interact with one another in person. Personally I feel as if this problem has declined in the past couple years. Professionals should be able to communicate well online as well as being able to communicate efficiently in person.

What’s nice about the Internet is that it is easy to navigate and almost anyone can use it. The older generation that uses Facebook makes it very clear that it is easy to use. People that are over the age of 65 aren’t very familiar with technology for the most part and making social media user friendly is one of the best things the developers could do to increase their monthly users.

Social Media is becoming the new way for businesses to market themselves. One day I hope to pursue a career that requires me to use social media just about every day. I feel as if it is still up and coming and will be a great outlet for businesses to improve. It seems as if almost everyone has it now a days and learning about it now will help me greatly in the future.

Social Media has definitely changed since it has first started. The main change that I have noticed since I started using it is that it’s grown so much. When I first discovered what twitter was seven years ago there was hardly anyone using it besides a few celebrities. However, as time went on social media has grown and now it seems as if everyone is using it. Social Media has had a huge impact on our lives so far and we haven’t even realized it. I am convinced I will be using social media for the rest of my life not only for fun, but also for my career that I will be pursing after college.


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