Many wont even realize the effect that technology has in modern day advertising and public relations. This is my first Ad and PR course that I am taking at Grand Valley. Personally, I believe that technology and the Internet is the most effective way to advertise and communicate in the modern day. My reasoning for this is because that is how I get all the information that I need now a days. I rarely watch television and rarely listen to the radio. The Internet is my main source of information.

With modern day social media you can find out almost anything online. Either through social media or a quick Google search, mostly anything can be found. Many people in our generation use social media religiously. It’s the fastest and easiest way for people to communicate, almost instantly.

I want to major in Advertising and Public Relations because I feel as if I am good at communicating with others online. Now I might not be the best writer to come through Grand Valley State University, I feel as if modern day technology based Advertising is where I would strive. The older generations of people above 30 years old don’t use social media to the extent that people under 30 do. However, when all us current college students will be right around the age of 30 in 10 years from now. Which will mean the kids who are 10 years old now, will probably be using social media in 10 years from now. Which is why I believe Advertising and Public Relations with technology is such a profitable industry.

Many famous people also use social media. I follow many famous athletes and music producers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. This is a good way to find out what types of online media are trending. The 4 I just named are the biggest four social media sites that people use today. Everywhere from sports to music entertainment, America is engaging in social media use.

The NBA finals just ended and it was broadcasted on live television, mostly ABC. I am a big basketball fan and I enjoy playing the sport recreationally and watching it often. When I watch a game I sit through it till the end, enjoying each game more as the season goes on. After every game in the NBA finals I would go on twitter and learn all this new information that had been recorded during the game. For example, when a player or team broke records, twitter would be the place that I would find that out. The National Basketball Association has been using an app called periscope to broadcast post-game interviews online, kind of like a live stream. This is great because everyone is on twitter during and after the games expressing their opinions and learning new information. It makes people feel like they are actually involved in the game through technology based public relations and this is great for the NBA.

I feel as if a company wants to strive in the advertising and public relations business now a days they have to use technology and social media to do so. It’s the modern day, constantly changing newspaper and people love it. In the next 30+ years social I believe that social media will remain the most efficient way of communication.


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